Heyyy, my name is Haleema

and I am a wedding photographer based in Atlanta,Ga. When I’m not shooting weddings or editing, I am most probably petting my cat or watching YouTube tutorials that I don’t even end up following along to. As much as I love binge watching shows on Netflix (while eating lots of snacks), I also love playing outside and going to the gym to try and get thickkk. I started photography when I was in high school and fell in love with it! I mainly did portraits and creative work the first several years. In 2017, I started taking photos of couples and weddings and I loved it! I loved the idea of photographing moments that people would look back on and instantly remember tiny details that they maybe would have forgotten. I am a pretty goofy person most of the time but I can also be serious when I need to, especially when it comes down to getting stuff done!